Okay, so I’m the worst editor ever! But you know, keeping it low-fi, cassette-mixed here. Two things to clarify: 1.) There’s a part where I mention a digital clock, seemingly out of nowhere. I’m talking about Stephanie’s reference to a digital clock in the first stanza. 2.) To clarify my final comment on “difference”: I’m thinking about androgyny and glam and punk in the early eighties and what might have happened if these things hadn’t been fads, if they had been more like stages in a larger social and cultural renaissance. I miss that moment for its celebration of our alien individuality. And I can’t help but to wonder whether or not “difference” would have remained the target of so much fear and animosity forty years later if that celebration had continued. The realist in me says, Collier, enough with the naivety, you need more sleep! The Bowie in me says, “Is there life on Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars?”

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